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Benefits of using Seoul beauty products

Our team of in-house researchers and experts have created the perfect range of make-up products that alter your genetics to slow down aging, making you look more and more youthful every single day.

Zero wrinkles

All of our products boost natural moisture and elasticity in your skin, keeping it extra smooth.

Pore protection

Specially formulated clay helps absorb sebum and remove oil, helping pores remain small.

Youthful skin

Each of our products promotes a healthy and natural production of collagen for smooth skin.

A Seoul selection

We've got you covered. Our selection of make-up products provides a solution for every occasion. Choose from a wide range in our different categories.

  • Body

    Pamper yourself from head to toe with our top-of-the-range body care products.

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  • Hair

    From shampoos to conditions, make sure your hair is healthy and full of volume.

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  • Nails

    All the nail care you need, a great selection of balms, colors, and polishes.

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  • Skin

    We have a wide range of moisturizers and treatments to keep your skin supple.

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Customer favorites from the Seoul range

We've got you covered. Our selection of make-up products provides a solution for every occasion. Choose from a wide range in our different categories.

Product Eight

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Product Seven


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Product Six


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Product Five


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Product Four


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Product Three


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Product Two


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Product One


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Healthy for your skin, healthy for the planet.

All of our products are made with carefully selected ingredients that are perfect for people and our planet.

100% organic
Zero sensitivity
All skin types

Hear from hundreds of happy customers

We have hundreds of happy customers from all around the world who love to wear and share Seoul products.


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Sienna Miller, NYC

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Priyanka Chopra, India

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Jung Ho-yeon, S. Korea
Seoul X Charcoal

Where Seoul gets activated with charcoal

Meet our new charcoal range where you get all the familiar properties and benefits from Seoul now with a new, active ingredient known for its health and healing properites.

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